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Hi, I'm Lilian

If you're interested in talking about design, a collaborative effort, antique civilizations, outdoor activities or wildlife, let's get a donut!


I'm Lilian

In Product Design, my journey began at 7, sparked by my mother's creativity. Crafting with her laid my lifelong foundation for innovation. My formative years taught me to turn materials into immersive experiences during spirited games with my cousins.

Maturing, I delved into technology inspired by my father at IBM. Observing him mend electronics fueled my curiosity. School projects became my canvas, infused with LEDs and motors for interactivity.

The path to Product Design felt natural, reinforced by a transformative Design Conference on the "Hippo Roller." Witnessing design's impact on remote communities left an indelible mark, guiding my calling – creating solutions and deep connections.

My journey deepened through self-discovery. Immersed in cinematic visions, futuristic literature, and honing skills in Adobe Flash, web design, VR & AR ventures, and earning a Diploma in Mobile App and Website Design. This eclectic journey defines me – blending innovation, empathy, and technology into every creation.

My Skills

From initial discovery to product strategy

UX Design
Crafting user-centric products to ensure informed design, frictionless journeys, and happier users.
UI Design
Designing beautiful interactions and functional interfaces within a comprehensive design system.
Rapid Prototyping
Efficiently exploring design concepts to refine and validate before full-scale development.
Usability Testing
Collecting information about usability and overall user experience from real user feedback.
User Research
Learning about the user from their perspective, experiences, knowledge and mental models.
Data Analytics
Uncovering the meaning within the data to make decisions to meet the needs of end users.

Transferring my soft skills across all my passions.

Mountaineer and outdoor lover.
Hiking & climbing have taught me the significance of effective communication, positive motivation, problem-solving, planning, empathy, teamwork, and leadership skills.
Amateur Photographer.
Exploring wildlife ignited my passion for photography, driving me to delve into product and headshots, utilizing imagery to elevate personal and business branding.
Mindfulness Advocate.
Embracing a holistic approach, I prioritize streamlined meal preparation, early morning workouts, and forest bathing to foster balance and focus in my daily routine.
Community Empowerment.
Devoted to supporting environmental preservation, fostering professional growth, and promoting health initiatives through active volunteering in various programs.